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This is only a fraction of our inventory and each month more books are added. Scan requests for serious buyers are available for books over $500 only. We offer a 10-day return-policy on all non-CGC graded material. Please inquire about pricing before requesting scans, or check our discount section and items below for books that are on sale. If you have any questions, email [email protected].
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Title Publisher Issue Grade Comments Price  

Actual Image
ELSIE THE COW BORDEN GIVEAWAY D.S. Publishing #0 VG/F: 5.0 writing, int train cover $35.00
20% off!

Actual Image
EDDIE STANKY Fawcett #0 G/VG: 3.0 crm pgs; first copy
we've ever offered!
scarce; photo cvr
EERIE ANNUAL 1971 Warren #0 NM: 9.4 ow pgs Morrow, Colan-a $69.00

Actual Image
EERIE ANNUAL 1971 Warren #0 FN: 6.0 coupon clipped,bc Morrow,
23% off!
EERIE ANNUAL 1971 Warren #0 VG/F: 5.0 Morrow, Colan-a $10.00
30% off!

Actual Image
EERIE ANNUAL 1972 Warren #0 VF: 8.0 Adams art $26.00
16% off!

Actual Image
EL DORADO Dell #0 VF/NM+: 9.1 12-240-710; Movie
Classic; John Wayne
photo cvr

Actual Image
ELEKTRO (SPIDER-MAN) BOWEN STATUE 0 Memorabilia Marvel #0 NM: 9.4 Mint with box Signed by
Stan Lee with COA

Actual Image
ELFQUEST Unknown #0 NM-: 9.2 Book One; 1981 TPB
reprinting early issues
with commentaries by
Beck, Thorne, Wolfman

Actual Image
ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION Unknown #0 NM-: 9.2 white pgs; first
printing 1978 hardcover
encyclopedia for science
fiction from Verne to
Lucas; Asimov intro

Actual Image
ENEMY ACE WAR IDYLL DC #0 NM-: 9.2 TPB, first printing,
white pgs

Actual Image
ESCAPADE IN FLORENCE Gold Key #0 VF/NM: 9.0 10043-301; Movie
Comics; Disney; Annette
Funicello photo cover
ESCAPADE IN FLORENCE Gold Key #0 G+: 2.5 cfo; cf dtch 10043-301;
Movie Comics; Disney;
Annette Funicello photo
19% off!

Actual Image
ESCAPE FROM FEAR Planned Parenthood #0 NM+: 9.6 1962 edition pregnancy
EVEL KNIEVEL Marvel #0 G/VG: 3.0 scarce!; first copy
Metropolis has ever
offered!; staple pull,
ow pgs 1974 Ideal
20% off!

Actual Image
EXCALIBUR Marvel #0 NM-: 9.2 Air Apparent; white pgs;
first printing;
Simonson cvr

Actual Image
EXCALIBUR Marvel #0 NM-: 9.2 Weird War III graphic
novel; white pgs
EXCALIBUR MOJO MAYHEM Marvel #0 NM/M: 9.8 investment grade Art
Adams c/a (1989)

Actual Image
EXCALIBUR SPECIAL EDITION Marvel #0 NM+: 9.6 white pgs; first
printing Alan Davis-a

Actual Image
EXECUTIVE'S COMIC BOOK Unknown #0 VF+: 8.5 rare 1962 paperback
collecting Help!
Adventures of Goodman
Beaver features by
Kurtzman and Elder
E-MAN 1983-85 FIRST COMICS #1 NM+: 9.6   $4.50

Actual Image
EAGLE, THE (1ST SERIES) 1941-42 Fox #1 CGC VF-: 7.5 crm/ow pgs Eagle begins;
Nazi WWII cover; Rex
Dexter of Mars story

Actual Image
EARL NOREM'S KAZAR: THE GUNS OF THE SAVAGE LAND 1 Art - Cover Marvel #1 VF: 8.0 Earl Norem acrylic
paints; 1990 Marvel
Graphic Novel; 23.5" x

Actual Image
EAST OF WEST Image #1 NM/M: 9.8 white pgs; third
printing Hickman script

Actual Image
EAST OF WEST Image #1 NM/M: 9.8 white pgs; second
printing Hickman script
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