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This is only a fraction of our inventory and each month more books are added. Scan requests for serious buyers are available for books over $500 only. We offer a 10-day return-policy on all non-CGC graded material. Please inquire about pricing before requesting scans, or check our discount section and items below for books that are on sale. If you have any questions, email orders@metropoliscomics.com.
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Title Publisher Issue Grade Comments Price  

Actual Image
ELSIE THE COW BORDEN GIVEAWAY D.S. Publishing #0 VG/F: 5.0 writing, int train cover $35.00
20% off!

Actual Image
EDDIE STANKY Fawcett #0 G/VG: 3.0 crm pgs; first copy
we've ever offered!
scarce; photo cvr
EERIE ANNUAL 1971 Warren #0 NM: 9.4 ow pgs Morrow, Colan-a $69.00

Actual Image
EERIE ANNUAL 1971 Warren #0 FN: 6.0 coupon clipped,bc Morrow,
23% off!
EERIE ANNUAL 1971 Warren #0 VG/F: 5.0 Morrow, Colan-a $10.00
30% off!

Actual Image
EERIE ANNUAL 1972 Warren #0 VF: 8.0 Adams art $26.00
16% off!

Actual Image
EL DORADO Dell #0 VF/NM+: 9.1 12-240-710; Movie
Classic; John Wayne
photo cvr

Actual Image
ELEKTRO (SPIDER-MAN) BOWEN STATUE 0 Memorabilia Marvel #0 NM: 9.4 Mint with box Signed by
Stan Lee with COA

Actual Image
ELFQUEST Unknown #0 NM-: 9.2 Book One; 1981 TPB
reprinting early issues
with commentaries by
Beck, Thorne, Wolfman

Actual Image
ELSIE THE COW BORDEN GIVEAWAY D.S. Publishing #0 FN: 6.0 16 pgs; 1957; rare;
baseball cvr

Actual Image
ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION Unknown #0 NM-: 9.2 white pgs; first
printing 1978 hardcover
encyclopedia for science
fiction from Verne to
Lucas; Asimov intro

Actual Image
ENEMY ACE WAR IDYLL DC #0 NM-: 9.2 TPB, first printing,
white pgs

Actual Image
ESCAPADE IN FLORENCE Gold Key #0 VF/NM: 9.0 10043-301; Movie
Comics; Disney; Annette
Funicello photo cover
ESCAPADE IN FLORENCE Gold Key #0 G+: 2.5 cfo; cf dtch 10043-301;
Movie Comics; Disney;
Annette Funicello photo
19% off!

Actual Image
ESCAPE FROM FEAR Planned Parenthood #0 NM+: 9.6 1962 edition pregnancy
EVEL KNIEVEL Marvel #0 G/VG: 3.0 scarce!; first copy
Metropolis has ever
offered!; staple pull,
ow pgs 1974 Ideal
20% off!

Actual Image
EXCALIBUR Marvel #0 NM-: 9.2 Air Apparent; white pgs;
first printing;
Simonson cvr

Actual Image
EXCALIBUR Marvel #0 NM-: 9.2 Weird War III graphic
novel; white pgs
EXCALIBUR MOJO MAYHEM Marvel #0 NM/M: 9.8 investment grade Art
Adams c/a (1989)

Actual Image
EXCALIBUR SPECIAL EDITION Marvel #0 NM+: 9.6 white pgs; first
printing Alan Davis-a

Actual Image
EXECUTIVE'S COMIC BOOK Unknown #0 VF+: 8.5 rare 1962 paperback
collecting Help!
Adventures of Goodman
Beaver features by
Kurtzman and Elder
E-MAN 1983-85 FIRST COMICS #1 NM+: 9.6   $4.50

Actual Image
EAGLE, THE (1ST SERIES) 1941-42 Fox #1 CGC VF-: 7.5 crm/ow pgs Eagle begins;
Nazi WWII cover; Rex
Dexter of Mars story

Actual Image
EARL NOREM'S KAZAR: THE GUNS OF THE SAVAGE LAND 1 Art - Cover Marvel #1 VF: 8.0 Earl Norem acrylic
paints; 1990 Marvel
Graphic Novel; 23.5" x

Actual Image
EAST OF WEST Image #1 NM/M: 9.8 white pgs; third
printing Hickman script
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