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COLLECTION: Horror Comic New Arrivals! From pre-code to Copper Age, a slew of weirdies! RESULTS: 1-9 of 9
BEWARE FOOLISH MORTALS! Shambling out of your nightmares and into your longboxes, they come! Horror and monster comics and magazines, just aching to fill you with existential dread and mild, nagging discomfort! WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? FROM OUR STOCKROOM! TO TORMENT YOU WITH THEIR HORROR STUFF! From pre-code Atlas to Marvel mags, you're sure to find something ghoulishly delightful here! Don't see what you want? SEND US YOUR WANT LIST, YOU MAD FOOL!
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BEYOND, THE Ace #3 G: 2.0 Sekowsky art $21.00
7% off!

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HOUSE OF SECRETS DC #25 VG/F: 5.0 sea monster cover $25.00
20% off!

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MYSTERIOUS SUSPENSE Charlton #1 NM: 9.4 glossy! ow/white pgs The
Question Returns!; Ditko
c/a Boston Copy

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TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED DC #51 FN-: 5.5 Space Ranger cover $55.00
35% off!

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TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED DC #56 FN+: 6.5 staple pull Space Ranger
33% off!

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TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED DC #61 FN: 6.0 Space Ranger cvr $48.00
30% off!

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TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED DC #102 VG-: 3.5 Infantino cvr $10.50
36% off!

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VAULT OF EVIL Marvel #10 NM-: 9.2 crm/ow pgs reprints
stories from Spellbound
#13, Mystic #52, Uncanny
Tales #12
10% off!

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WEIRD MYSTERIES Gillmour #6 G/G-: 1.9 Classic Decapitation
  Page:    Results: 1-9 of 9    
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