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The Metropolis Survey

Before I begin the market report, I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was filled with love and thoughts of all we have to be grateful for. I would also like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year! I hope all have had a fantastic 1998. I am very excited about the new year that approaches. I know it will be even better than the last. Included in this latest update you will find many new books. We were fortunate enough to acquire a collection of E.C.'s, Archies (mentioned below), high grade 70's & Silver Age D.C. & Marvel horror, super hero, key issue's, as well as a large run of Wonder Woman & Sensation spanning the 40's to the 80's (also mentioned below). Enjoy and I hope you all Party like it's 1999 - because it will be! Gosh, I have been waiting a long time to write that! The November Big Apple Comic Con was very exhausting. I had a really great time and the show was strong. I met an actor who I was a huge fan of as a child, his name is Sonny Shroyer, you may know him better as Enos of the Dukes of Hazzard. He is a really sweet guy and I was very excited to get an autograph and shoot the breeze. I also met Kevin Smith, the writer, director and actor from Chasing Amy, Mall Rats, and Clerks. What a gracious guy! He even stayed extra late signing to make sure none of the fans were disappointed. There was continued interest in the Oakland collection. It seems the word of mouth on the collection has been traveling quite far. We even had collectors drive up from Virginia just to purchase books from it. Super high grade mid 60's and early 70's Marvels and DC's are selling very well. Sales included: Where Creatures Roam #1 NM Oakland Copy $50.00, Chamber of Darkness #1 NM- Oakland Copy $70.00, Rawhide Kid #68 NM Oakland Copy $25, Young Romance #154 NM $75, Green Lantern 86 NM Oakland Copy $85.

About a week before the Con I purchased a collection of Wonder Woman and Sensation. I brought them to the Con and I can say without a doubt Wonder Woman is one of the strongest selling Gold and Silver age DC title. I sold Wonder Woman #53 VG/FN $50, #99 VG $20, #30 VF $350, #21 G- $45, #22 FR+ $40, #26 FR/G $40, and a Rockford Wonder Woman #14 VF/NM $425.

Often I find myself looking into my inventory and trying to figure out what I am missing… I recently found that I did not have enough Archies, so I bought a bunch. Everybody has read an Archie so I figured they would do well. The lower grade silver and modern age Archies sold well in discount boxes for $1.00 and $2.00 a piece. I also had a lot of luck with early 50's Archies and related titles. I look for this genre to grow in popularity over the next few years. We shall see.

Cool 50's horror books sold well at the show. Of note were The Thing#15 VF/NM $900.00 the killer worm cover, The Thing #7 VF $575.00 and Teenage Dope Slaves in VF/NM for $900.00.

I did very well with a recently acquired run of Magnus 11-28 File Copies, they sold for $700.00 approximately 1.5x guide. All were in NM with great pages and glossy covers. I still have 2-10 from the Mohawk Valley Collection (not listed, please call).

Even though I usually do not talk about modern books I would like to give a big thumbs up to all of the new Marvel Knights books that are out. My favorite by far is the Inhumans. Jae lee has matured into one the best artists in comics and the story was extremely well laid out and thought evoking. Excelsior!

In conclusion I would like to send my best to all of the readers, collectors and investors who have helped to make this a truly great year for me. Thank you. Also, I would like to thank Marc Guitman, Bob Storms, Steven Fishler, and Mike Carbonaro for being great friends and trusted confidantes, my girlfriend Linda for filling my life with love, my family for supporting me, and God for helping my beloved mother through a difficult heart operation and recovery process. I am very thankful to have known Brigid Carbonaro who left us this year. She was a fantastic woman who touched my life in a very deep way. She is in all of our prayers and I know she is looking down on us making sure we have hotel rooms for conventions, enough mylars for books and the cheapest airfare to wherever we are going. Thank you Brigid and rest in peace -- you deserve it.


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