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"My favorite things about Metropolis are their quantity, quality and consistency in grading. They also support the hobby through their many articles and postings on the website."
- Zach F., Colorado
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Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth! Well, at least the greatest comic book web site online. Seriously, we are making efforts to constantly improve our site. If you have any suggestions, please email us. Our goal is to become the Amazon.com of golden and silver age comic books. We hope you try out our new secure online ordering system when you make purchases. We invite you to delve into the many added pages of the site, including our links page and how-to page that describes grading.

There has been a lot of exciting news in the movies lately. Has anybody seen the trailers for the new Star Wars movie? I have two words Holy Cow! I felt like a little kid again. I don't know about you guys, but I think this will be the biggest movie ever! I can not wait to see it… I am very proud to announce that my partner in my comic book project David Quinn has just signed a deal to have his and Tim Vigils' creation "Faust" to be made into a movie. Our project is called "The Addiction" and it will hopefully be out before the end of the year. I will eventually have a page on the site that will describe the characters and the story. I was really excited to find out that a Spiderman movie will finally be made… That is going to be awesome! I think Spidey will either be played by Jim Carrey or Leonardo Dicaprio… Either way, the movie can't lose. Who do you think would be a cooler Spidey? I like Dicaprio, Linda (my girlfriend) said neither and Mike Carbonaro (my buddy and Big Apple Promoter) likes Jim Carrey.

The comic world is on fire! I just had two record shows, one in Boston and one in Chicago! I was constantly busy and had a great time at both shows. The atmosphere was lively and people were excited about books. Couple this with an increase in mail orders, definitely due to the new format of the web site, and it has been a busy 1999. You will find that we have also been buying like maniacs. From high grade Bronze Age including DC horror, Marvel Giant Size and Annuals, to low, mid and high grade silver and golden age, we have been buying it all! Cool books of note include high grade 50's Detectives, low and mid grade 40's Detectives, a high grade Atomic War #1 and World War III #1, a run of low grade Spidey's, high grade Thor's, gorgeous mid 60's Tales of Suspense and Tales to Astonish, a VG Showcase #9, and the last books from the Oakland collection including low and mid grade Marvels, DC's and miscellaneous publishers. We have also added a small section of Modern books to the site! I also expect to pick up some high power early gold within the week and over 500 file copies and high grade Dell/Gold Key cartoon and TV photo cover comics, so keep checking out the site. You can use the new search engine on the site to find all the new books that have been added--try it out!

Recent trends seem to be shifting back to Timely's. I have recently sold a Human Torch #18 NM for $3,800.00, Marvel Mystery Comics #13 VG $750.00, Captain America #48 VG $420.00, Submariner Comics #18 VG missing centerfold $75.00 and Captain America #26 FR/GD $175.00. I also see an increased interest in high grade 50's D.C. I sold a gorgeous copy of Adventure #247 VF $3,000.00 and a #260 VF+ $950.00. Low grade gold like Wonder Woman #4 VG $125.00, Sensation #34 FN- $380.00 and Flash Comics #3 GD- $380.00 has been maintaining its already fast paced selling speed. Of course high-grade silver age Marvels are doing just fine. I have realized $3,750.00 for an Incredible Hulk #1 VF and an X-Men #6 NM fetched $400.00. And while the Oakland Collection is still doing well (we recently sold a decent grouping of Westerns and Romance), I am starting to see increased interest in low and mid-grade Bronze Age Marvels and DC's. In fact if I had to put my finger on the one part of the market where I have seen a slow down, it would have to be in horror. This could be because I have not gotten a lot of it recently but it also may be due to higher prices.

I hope you all enjoy the selection of new books we have to offer. If there are any books you want, please email your want list to us. If you would like to be on our emailing list for future site updates, please fill out the requested information on our want list page.


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