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- Aaron T., Florida
The Metropolis Survey

Dear Collectors, I hope you are all doing well. Things have been very busy here at Metropolis. We have been scoring collection after collection of primo Golden and Silver Age material. There are three articles below that will let you know what we have been up to over the last month or so. I must apologize for not including a market report with the last update. I was very busy working on the deals mentioned below. I know I could have thrown something together but I really wanted to do it right- you guys deserve nothing but the best!

The market is in transition. There are many changes that are affecting prices realized in the last couple of months. While "raw" comics on Ebay made the biggest impact on market changes over the last year and a half I believe that CGC graded material is responsible for the current price escalation in the market place. I believe someone just paid over $300.00 for a McFarlane Spiderman #1 CGC 10.00 Mint on Ebay- WOW! I also see a lot of movement on very high-grade Bronze Age books. I think it is an exciting time in the market and there are plenty of opportunities for collectors and dealers to do well selling their material. I know we are extremely interested in buying very high-grade Bronze Age comics right now. They don't even have to be graded.

Please enjoy the articles below and if you have any want lists email them to us immediately! We will be attending the upcoming San Diego and Chicago Conventions so if you are coming bring your comics for sale and your want lists if you are buying. Until then I wish you all a wonderful summer and hope your lives are full of health, happiness, love and… comic books.


Two weeks ago Stephen Fishler of Metropolis was contacted by an educational comics publisher in Pennsylvania. The publisher had been entrusted by a dear friend to sell his massive golden age comic collection comprised of over 3000 comics.

After receiving a complete list of the collection Vincent Zurzolo of Metropolis immediately set up an appointment. "When we entered the house and saw 35 gray magazine boxes organized around the perimeter of the publishers living room and dining room I knew this was going to be exciting," Zurzolo said.

Over 4 hours later the votes were in and it was unanimous- this was a fantastic hoard of golden age comics. "There were many covers neither of us have ever seen before, that doesn't happen very often and it made looking at the collection a lot of fun" Fishler adds. The collector had amassed a collection filled with almost every key horror, crime and romance book printed, not to mention a tremendous amount of golden age super hero comics.

Of major note were the runs of Fox comics including many elusive Fox Giants, All Good, All Top, Blue Beetle, Crimes By Women, Dagar, Famous Crimes, and Jo-Jo. Comics, Mystery Men, Phantom Lady and Zoot.

Also present were almost every classic crime cover from Crime Does Not Pay #24 to Fight Against Crime #20. Crime titles included Crime and Justice, Crime Does Not Pay, Crime Mysteries, Famous Crimes, Wanted and Crime Must Pay the Penalty.

Metropolis has been fortunate to find many horror comics over the years and this collection was no exception. Tons of horror comics from Startling Terror Tales #11 to Weird Chills #2 were strewn throughout the boxes. Horror titles included virtually every major title including Adventures into Terror, Beware, Chamber of Chills, Eerie, Ghost, Haunted Thrills, Mister Mystery, Spellbound, Spook, The Thing, Unseen, Venus, Voodoo, and Witches Tales.

Very rare golden age runs included over-sized Jumbos, early Blue Bolt, Suspense, Punch, Target, Contact, Banner, Scoop, Ranger, Smash, Zip, Catman, Terrific, Super Mystery and Fantastic.

Classic super hero titles like Captain America #1-#10, All Winners, Detective and Spirit were also in abundance in the collection. On top of the comics already mentioned there are many other genres in the collection like romance, EC's, Classics, Atlas and Pre-Hero Marvels.

"While it is great to find high grade pedigree collections, what makes this non-pedigree collection interesting is the lower grades on most books. With exceptions here and there the collection averages in grades of and around very good. This makes the comics affordable for most every collector. So many of these books are so hard to find in any grade, both comic collectors and investors will be able to find additions for their collection." Zurzolo said.

A portion of the collection has been shipped off to CGC for certification. Collectors interested in buying gems from the collection can find a Metropolis ad in CBG #1386, or search our on-line catalogue at www.metropoliscomics.com.


After several weeks of negotiations Metropolis Collectibles has purchased the worlds best collection of More Fun Comics. In the early 90's an east-coast collector amassed a collection not to be rivaled in the annals of our hobbies history. It took him approximately six years to complete this monumental task and purchase all 127 issues. The Mile High More Fun #52 as valued in this collection becomes the most expensive single comic book ever sold. The collection consists of nearly 70 Mile High copies including More Fun #52, #53 and #54. Other pedigree books include Larsons, Rockfords and comics from the D collection. Any one of these books stands alone among the finest in the world, amassed in a collection such as this they are truly awesome.

"I sold many of these books to the collector and yet when I look at them together one after another after another it is mind boggling" Fishler continues "the rich color saturation of the covers combined with the blinding white pages and immaculate conditions are a sight to be seen". A majority of the collection will be certified by CGC and will be available for sale through our web site, the upcoming San Diego and Chicago Conventions and through auction.

Action Comics #1 purchased by Metropolis

Recently an unrestored copy of Action Comics #1 was purchased by Team Metropolis. "When I got the call I was hoping it wasn't going to be a reprint. After the seller answered several questions and sent a scan I knew we hit pay dirt!" exclaims Vincent Zurzolo.

Stephen Fishler drove over 6 hours to buy the collection. When he entered the home he was greeted by the sellers and told the interesting details of the comic book. As it turned out the owners had this book for over a year before they knew what it was. They never dreamed they had the most sought after comic book in the hobby. The sellers were antique dealers and had acquired the book from an estate sale along with a grouping of several hundred other golden and silver age books, including a Detective #2 and many early pre-hero golden age comics. A year later they went on line and did a ton of research and discovered what they had. "We contacted Metropolis because they seemed to specialize in these types of marquee books," the seller said.

The deal was done and the Action #1 was sent to CGC for certification and has been slabbed a Good Plus. Fishler states "we are very pleased with this purchase and look forward to buying many more keys this summer at San Diego and Chicago".


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