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"The Metropolis web site is truly a comic convention every single day! The Detective #27 you sold me was absolutely gorgeous and the terms were just what I needed. Thanks so much! You guys are really the professionals of this hobby. Thanks so much."
- Jerry J., New York

Dear Customers, Welcome to another market report and site update. I hope you are enjoying the web site. In the upcoming months we will be adding scans for books. We will start off with the very expensive books and move our way down from there. If you have any suggestions on how we can make the site better we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Guess what! I have started collecting new comics again. I have read the last 5 or 6 issues of Captain America. Even though he is still fighting the same old villains like the Hate Monger I enjoyed the art and writing. I also enjoyed the Punisher, Kin and Hell Blazer. They were fun and I look forward to the next issues. I have also been collecting original comic art. I picked up a page from Amazing Spiderman #9, it has the first panels where Electro is charging up his costume. Spidey is my favorite character so this is one of my prized pieces of art.

Fast and furious! The new century has started off as fast as the last one ended! We have been tremendously inundated with collections and inquiries about comics. The web site has been a huge success. Finally customers can access our huge inventory of gold, silver and bronze without calling or waiting for a catalogue.

The buzzword in the market place for us has been Northford, Northford, Northford! We recently acquired an ultra-high grade 50's horror collection consisting of almost 1500 comics. It is the first all-horror pedigree collection! Wow! The following article published in the CBG gives all of the details.


Team Metropolis has just purchased what they believe will be the next great Pedigree- the Northford Collection. What makes this collection so unique is that it consists of entirely early to mid 1950ís Horror comics. "Often times the word Pedigree is overused in the world of comic books-not so here. This is the first true All-Horror Pedigree!" exclaimed excited Stephen Fishler.

The collection was found in Northford, Connecticut and has taken Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo, Jr. over four months to acquire in its sum total. "After we made the initial purchase we were very excited. And then we got it-a call from the owners, they had found several more trunks in the attic filled with over six hundred more horror comics. As shocked as we were, we quickly decided to hold off selling any of the books until we had the entire collection together. We believed the collection would have a greater impact on the comic community if presented as a whole." Fishler explained.

The collection consists of almost 1500 horror comics. Titles range from Beware, Dark Mysteries, Fantastic Fears, Ghost, Horrific, Marvel Tales, Out of the Shadows, Startling Terror Tales, Thing, Voodoo, Weird Horrors, Weird Terrors, and Worlds of Fear amongst many others including runs of many Atlas and ACG titles. "Not since we uncovered the Spokane Collection have I seen so many unbelievable books from a single collection." Added Zurzolo. Northfords are distinguishable from other high-grade horror comics. It seems the owner placed a small letter "x" stamp on the back covers of 95% of the collection. The Northfords are noted for their unparalleled cover gloss and the depth of runs including Adventureís into Weird Worlds 1-30. Adventures into the Unknown 1-67, Forbidden Worlds 1-40, Haunted Thrills 1-18, House of Mystery 1-39, Mysterious Adventures 1-25, Spellbound 1-25, Strange Tales 1-40, Tales of Horror 1-13, and Web of Mystery 1-25. It appears that the original collector bought them off the newsstand and never read them. Many of the books appear to be unopened. The color saturation is so rich that the inks on the front covers seem to be dripping off the front cover. Simply stated, the books are stunning.

Equally interesting is the way the owners of the collection procured it. As Fishler explains "the couple who sold us the Northford Collection purchased it from the estate of a gentleman in their town. The man was known for being a pack rat and would save everything from old newspapers to cereal boxes. His reclusive sister who lived in the second floor of their home was a neat freak and would often try to throw out, amongst other junk, his comic books. Everytime she would throw them out he would hurry off to the curb and bring everything back into the house. About thirty years ago he passed on and the couple, who were avid antiquers purchased the manís furniture. When they came across the methodically stored comic books in the drawers of the furniture they placed them into several trunks and that is where they have dwelled until this year. Zurzolo concluded "We are very proud to bring this collection to market and we are currently having CGC grade a large portion of the Northfords. This is the first new collection CGC is accepting into their very short list of acknowledged Pedigrees. In addition to in house and mail order sales we will be marketing the Northford Collection on our new web site www.metropoliscomics.com and on Ebay. Any interested collectors may contact us at their leisure."

CGC graded books are being well received in the market. Collectors are enjoying the extra level of comfort and buying with confidence. Superior sale prices for CGC graded material is being realized on Ebay as well as through traditional channels of mail order and show sales. We were delighted in the sale of a VF/NM Flash #105 FOR $6,000.00 and a NM- Showcase #7 Bethlehem Copy for $3,200.00.

We hope you enjoyed this months market report and web site update. Until next month, make mine Metropolis!


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