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Dear Customers, I am very proud to welcome you all to the debut of the ALL NEW METROPOLIS COLLECTIBLES WEB SITE! I know many of you are saying "it's about time". I can't say I blame you but I wanted our site to be the very best it could be. I wanted the site to answer any questions you may have. In the months to come we will be adding more features including scans of comic covers, an increase in the number of books available and a movie poster section.

Please feel free to browse through our over 75,000 comic inventory by using our SEARCH ENGINE or by the alphabetical listing.

To help promote the site we will be offering new collections and specially priced books exclusively on the NEW COLLECTIONS & SPECIALS page.

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Our CALENDAR OF EVENTS will let you know of any upcoming events we will be attending.

MARKET REPORTS will be written up once a month for the serious collector who wants to stay on top of trends.

Interested in catching up on the last years trends, read the MARKET REPORT ARCHIVES.

For those of you who are interested in buying price guides, books about comics, art and other collectibles use the Amazon.com link at our BOOKSTORE.

Unsure about how to grade or just need to freshen up your grading skills, use our built in grading guide at the GRADING page.

For those of you who are curious about our return policies and the like please read our TERMS page.

Want to get to know Team Metropolis a little better, check out our other interests at the LINKS page.

Of course if you would like to call and actually speak to us we still have a phone number! Give us a ring at 1-800-229-6387. The last six months have been very hectic for Steve and me. Other than having to combine our businesses we have also learned to work within a partnership. This has not been as difficult as I had expected even though we are both used to being in control and not having to answer to someone. I am not saying we don't disagree on certain issues, but we are able to settle differences very quickly and professionally. In short I believe the merger has been and will continue to be a growing and learning experience for both of us. I think that every person I have worked with I have learned something from and Steve is no exception. He is extremely insightful, sincere, and beyond all committed to our business. What more could you want from a partner and friend.

THE MARKET: Since the merger I have witnessed many peculiar collector tastes. There are the usual high-grade collectors and golden age superhero collectors but there are also guys who buy comics for very odd reasons. I have one customer who only buys silver age comics for the ads in them- he will buy any book as long as it is under $3.00 and is from 1962-1967. I had two charming southern gentlemen come by the office several weeks ago, they only wanted books that had Sherlock Holmes or a character dressed like Sherlock Holmes in it! Believe it or not they both walked out with a nice stack of books. Of course high-grade silver and gold along with the other usual suspects are still hot in the market. Yes, horror, Timely's, D.C.'s, and high-grade bronze are still in demand. However I have seen a growing interest in Fox books and now low and mid grade Bronze Age. Ebay has also helped to increase demand for books we dealers and collectors often had no outlets for.

Since it's inception CGC has been the topic for much debate and now that the company has opened its doors to the public I can happily say that their graded product has been met with a very positive response from the comic book community. I anticipate that CGC will have a very positive effect on the future of the hobby. I have already put my money where my mouth is by purchasing the first CGC graded book sold on Ebay- an FF#1 in VG/FN condition.

Before I forget I would like to take a moment out to wish you all the best in the New Year. Health, success and love, may they all fill your lives and of course happy comic hunting.


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