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- Gregory M., California
The Metropolis Survey

Dear Customers,

The city greets another dawn. As the rising sun casts warm, radiant light over the already waking cityscape, the fluttering wings of awakening birds cast skittering shadows upon facades of stone, glass and steel.

Everything however, is not what it was. There is a different consciousness in the city. Life in the city is now united like never before. United by an underlying feeling of patriotism, brotherhood and unfortunately fear.

I speak for myself and know my thoughts are echoed in the millions of citizens of New York City. This is a sad time. Every person I meet, every phone call I make there is mention of the tragedy. We are trying. Every day, step by step we will recover and move on.

Please forgive me if my attempts at doing business in a somewhat regular manner are offensive-it is simply part of the process of getting back to basics. You will find a review of this past summer's Wizard World Convention below and other useful information.

Wizard World Convention 2001

Though weary from a very long San Diego we trekked forward to make the 2001 Wizard World Convention in Chicago special. The dealer room was buzzing with excitement. People roamed the many aisles in search of treasures. I imagined for a moment how the convention would look to someone watching from a satellite or from a far off planet. It would probably look like an ant colony; a world of ordered chaos.

I was once again fortunate to have Metropolis Internet Operations manager Nitin Bhargava with me. His professionalism and attention to detail were at an all-time high and his assistance at the show was indispensable for both our customers and myself.

Sales were better this year than last amongst collectors but decreased among dealers. Last year I did 90% of our business with dealers and this year I did 90% of my business with collectors. I can't say enough about how impressed I was with the types of sales I had at the show. For instance we sold More Fun #7 GD+ $1,000.00, New Fun Comics #6 GD+ $5,000.00, Detective #32 VF slight restoration $4,000.00, #140 CGC graded VF $3,000.00, Action #252 CGC graded VF/NM $2,500.00, Amazing Fantasy #15 GD+ $1,200.00, Superman #199 VF+ $250.00 and Amazing Spider-Man #38 CGC graded 9.2 $425.00.

Sales aside one of the coolest things I got to check out while at the show was the trailer for Smallville. It is the story of Clark Kent as a teenager. It was awesome. I had never been a fan of Lois & Clark or the old Superboy series but this looks like a must see. Clark doesn't wear glasses, there's no suit and he can't fly. Not yet, anyway. Between the boy he thought he was and the man he is destined to become are the stories of Smallville. The trailer left me breathless and wanting more- check it out this month on the WB.

I want to send my thanks out to Gareb and his team who helped to make Chicago as wonderful as it always is!

The following are press releases we have sent out in recent weeks.

Metropolis Purchases New Original Owner Collection

Metropolis has acquired a new original owner Golden Age collection. The group, coming out of California, consists of roughly one thousand books in full runs, all unrestored and in varying condition. The books sharp off-white to white supple pages make them stand out. The books range from the mid to late 1930's to about 1950 including many major titles and Golden Age key books. The most impressive are the Detective, Pep, and Captain America runs; but the collection also had full runs one never sees like Wonderworld, Mystery Men, and Bullseye comics. The major keys include clean and unrestored copies of Detective Comics # 27, Captain America Comics #1, and Pep Comics #22.

"It is a real pleasure to look through this virgin collection, which has never been on the market. I have never, or very rarely seen many of these comics." Nitin Bhargava, Internet Operations Manager at Metropolis Collectibles, said after looking over the books. "In this day in age, when comic book collecting is at its highest point ever, it is very rare to find an original owner collection like this. Generally, they are notes in collecting history, not current happenings. New books of this magnitude are very rarely discovered and I'm glad to be a part of it. I think it reminds everyone that there may be more undiscovered Golden Age collections out there and we shouldn't stop looking."

Metropolis Collectibles is located in Manhattan and sees bringing this collection to market as a first step in trying to return to normalcy. "After what we in New York have gone through, it's good for us to get back to business-selling comic books." Metropolis supports the Red Cross's National Disaster Relief Fund and you can donate through the Metropolis homepage, www.metropoliscomics.com.

As far as the new collection is concerned, Metropolis is still going through these books, if you are interested email your inquiry to [email protected] or call toll free at 1-800-229 -6387, or check out www.metropoliscomics.com.

Metropolis Re-Launches Web Site

Metropolis Collectibles is proud to announce the re-launch of www.metropoliscomics.com. "We realized that while our old site was great, we wanted a face lift and a look that better fit our company," said Vincent Zurzolo, Metropolis co-owner. "Metropolis is the Amazon.com of vintage comics, and now we have a site that better accomodates customers and what we have to offer." Those familiar with the old site need not worry though, they will still have a vast storehouse of information at their fingertips - including market reports, detailed buying/selling information, a grading guide, the new Feature of the Month and tens of thousands of gold, silver and bronze age comics!

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