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The Metropolis Survey

When I started the metropoliscomics.com web site I made it a goal to get a new market report up every month. I have been unsuccessful. But with the New Year I have made a resolution to get 12 market reports up this year! Yes, that is right one a month. There are several reasons I want to do this. First, I love writing about comics. Secondly, I have received many requests from customers who enjoy reading them.

If there is anything you would like to see added to my market report please email your suggestions to [email protected], I will do my best to incorporate new ideas into the upcoming market reports.

Before we jump into the state of the comic market I would like to tell you how my life has been going. In November my girlfriend Linda and I took a wonderful trip to Europe for two weeks. We visited France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. We landed in Paris and traveled by train to Munich, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna, Venice, Padua, Verona and Geneva. Needless to say it was amazing-and no I did not buy any collections. We marveled at the many sites and tasted many fantastic foods. It was really a wonderful time. While I loved the Baroque churches of Germany and Austria I must admit my favorite city is still Venice. The feel of the city is so unique. It is like stepping into a fantasy world. The countless canals, endless winding streets and the fantastic shops filled with everything from finely blown glass to clothing and of course great Italian food. Lin probably liked Paris or Munich the best.

January 20th is almost upon us. That is a very important day for my partner and his fiancé. Yes, eat your hearts out girls Stephen Fishler is off the market as of the 20th! He and Tara will be tying the knot that evening. It is also a special day for me as I will be Steve's best man. I was very touched when he asked me and I am so happy for them. Next month I will report on the event!

All right, I have probably bored you enough with stories about me. I know you want to know how the market is doing so here goes. The last six months have been intriguing. Prices in the market are soaring. Most of this is due to the demand for high-grade CGC comics. It doesn't seem to matter from what era, whether books be gold, silver, bronze or modern, if the grade is high the books are moving. I am sure if any of you watch Ebay or read the CBG this is of no surprise. The prices on certain books are rising very quickly. I remember over the summer I sold a VF+ X-Men #1 for about $4,000.00- now that book is probably worth over $7,000.00. I remember selling a 9.6 CGC graded All Star Western #10 (the first Jonah Hex) for over $475.00. I remember thinking that was a lot at the time. I think my partners jaw dropped when he saw what it fetched. But just a few weeks ago the same grade book was put up on Ebay and went for $1200.00.

Currently we are not listing our CGC graded books for sale on our site but will be doing so in the near future. If you have any questions about what CGC books please call me at 800-229-6387 M-F 10am-6pm or email me at [email protected].

Keep in mind it does not have to be high grade to sell. We are selling a tremendous amount of mid and low grade gold, silver and bronze. I have noticed an increase in demand on Marvel keys in low and mid grades. We have been doing well with Carl Barks' Ducks lately- we're going to miss you Carl! Pre-code horror has continued to be an in demand staple of the hobby. High-ticket item books are also doing well. We have moved multiple copies of Batman #1, Action #1, Captain America #1 and others over the last six months.

The one thing I think we have to be concerned with at this time in the market is "the market". The effect of the recent drops in the stock market may have an effect on many collectors spending habits. Also the slow down in the economy may also create a fall -off in demand for all collectibles. While it is true that prosperity and recessions run in cycles, we have also never experienced such prosperous times in our history so who knows we may in for a longer period of prosperity or a recession that is not too painful.

In the meantime enjoy collecting. Remember to collect what you like, better yet, what you love, and you can never go wrong! Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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