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The Metropolis Survey

Dear Valued Customers,

The San Diego Convention was everything a great show should be and more. Everybody I spoke to had a great time and sales were definitely up from last year. Meeting new customers was probably the most valuable component outside of sales and purchases and I met some great people at the show. The Con was bigger than I have ever seen before. Seeing about 50,000 people flooding the main room over the course of the weekend gives a comic lover like myself a lot of confidence that there will always be a core fan base of collectors.

We purchased so many new books at SD this year I do not know where to begin. I bought dozens of CGC graded books ranging from 9.0 to 9.8 many of which were DC Silver Age titles. I sought out and was fortunate to find a bounty of horror books and high-grade Golden Age comics all over the room.

I highly recommend collectors send me your want lists, as I am sure we will have something for you.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Vincent Zurzolo


Horror Collection from Omaha

Every day NYC based Metropolis Collectibles gets dozens of phone calls from people who have comics for sale. 9 times out of 10, the person on the other end of the line has over-estimated the value or condition of their collection. "Whether it's beat-up Defenders comics from the 1970s, or a copy of the Death of Superman, we often get a lot of dead-enders," says Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of Metropolis. But when a recent call came in from Omaha, Nebraska, Zurzolo had a hunch this was going to be something special.

In early August, a woman well into her senior years called Metropolis about a collection of over 1,000 Golden & Silver Age books that had belonged to her late husband. Well aware of the collection's worth, she described the books to be in Fine Plus to Near Mint condition. Sure enough, when Metropolis received scans sent by the woman's daughter, her grading was accurate and the collection was a treasure.

"Not only were there 100s of 1950s Horror Comics such as tough-to-find issues of Weird Tales of the Future, Weird Chills, Venus & Voodoo, there was a multitude of Marvel Pre-Superhero and Superhero books. Additionally, there are tons of Silver Age DCs, and very high-grade Gold Keys," stated Zurzolo when interviewed about the acquisition.

Included in the group are over a dozen high-grade Journey Into Mystery books, many Tales to Astonish and Tales of Suspense, and numerous Detective, Batman, Showcase and Challengers of the Unknown comics. Particularly unique to this collection is an unusual gloss to even the Fine graded books and very supple paper quality.

"The woman who sold us this collection was a tough negotiator who knew very well the rarity of what she had, so we were very happy to have purchased the collection" added Zurzolo. "We're very pleased to have closed the deal, and even happier to bring this original-owner collection to market."

Metropolis has begun to add many of these books to its web inventory at www.metropoliscomics.com, and invites inquiries from collectors wanting first crack. Interested parties should contact Metropolis Collectibles toll-free at (800) 229-6387 or via email at [email protected].


No, Metropolis is not selling Rock n’ Roll memorabilia and no Steve did not win on American Idol last week I simply purchased another very interesting comic collection. Approximately two weeks I ago I received a call from a lady from Long Island. She told me she had 3,000 comics from the 1940s to 1972. My curiosity got the best of me and I asked her how it came to be that the collection ended in 1972. Unfortunately, her husband who loved comic books passed away that year from a massive heart attack. The comics were boxed up and placed into storage. 30 years later she decided it was time to sell her collection.

It was plain to see by the well-read condition of the golden age books that her husband really enjoyed his collection. Though you could also tell that as time passed the importance of keeping the books in good condition became more important to him. Comparatively speaking the sixties and early seventies books are in exceptional shape. It was truly fascinating to open the twenty some odd boxes as the musty comic book aroma wafted through the room. It was more like looking into a time capsule than just buying your average comic collection; there were fanzines and newspapers many of which I had never seen before. And as any comic dealer or old time collector can appreciate a small number of books were in the famous Robert Bell bags.

The woman shared many stories about her husband’s passion for collecting. One story that stands out in my mind occurred right after the newlyweds moved in together. One evening her husband came home with a bunch of old cardboard boxes and carefully placed them into their bedroom closet. Inquisitively she asked him what was in the boxes. He proudly exclaimed they were his beloved comic collection and that if she loved him she wouldn’t ask him anything else. Perhaps he was afraid she might suggest throwing away the "junk", a horror story we have all heard a million times. But she did love him and respected his wishes. His time with his comics was precious to him and perhaps that is why she waited so long to sell the collection. To hear her talk about her husband with such passion you would think he passed away only a few months ago, their relationship must have been very special.

As I was finishing looking over the collection we spoke about her line of work. She and her family were in the jewelry business. She mentioned that when her dad was alive he would often procure the assistance of a friendly neighborhood artist whose studio was next door to their jewelry shop. When attempting to describe how a piece of jewelry would look to a customer, he would ask his neighbor Steve to draw a sketch for him. Steve Ditko that is would ask what colors to make the various precious stones and then he would get to work. She tells me how kind Steve was to her and her family. Often Publishers would drop off art with her and her brother when Steve was not around. I was so taken aback by her casual attitude as she talked about one of my favorite artists, a man who breathed life into my favorite hero Spider-Man. Of course I could not help myself and quickly asked if they had even a doodle of his anywhere-but they did not. They did tell me that they did keep in touch from time to time and could introduce me to him if I liked. I explained that Mr. Ditko was somewhat of a recluse and was not, from what I heard that crazy about meeting comic people-but who knows maybe some day soon I will be able to shake his hand and thank him for all of the magic he has given me.

The collection is a pot pouri of various titles, publishers and grades. There are a lot of DC and Fawcett Golden Age as well as fifties westerns and runs of various Silver Age Marvels and Bronze Age keys. Titles that come to mind are All Star Comics, World’s Finest, Whiz Comics, Marvel Family, X-Men, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Two-Gun Kid, Black Terror, Exciting Comics, Leading Comics, More Fun, Strange Adventures, Teen Titans, Night Nurse and Catman. We are hurriedly grading the comics and will release a list soon. In the mean time if you would like to send us your want list we will scan the collection for books you are in need of. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I had living it.

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