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"I appreciate the vast knowledge of Metropolis' staff. Case in point...I was looking for a particular issue from my childhood, but was unsure of the title. After describing the cover to one of the staff, he pulled the issue from his inventory in two minutes flat -- thereby ending a 10 year search!"
- Paul L., New York
The Metropolis Survey
On behalf of Metropolis I would like to thank our customers and business associates for their continued patronage, friendship and support.  2005 was a very strong year for our company.  I was satisfied with many different sectors of the market. 

Golden Age Sales:  Aside from selling a host of high profile, big ticket items, my Golden Age Sales were strong through and through.  The blue chips Captain America, Detective Comics, and Batman all sold as expected with Action and Superman exceeding my projected estimations.  Golden Age keys did very well, as I sold 3 copies of Superman #1, an Action #1, Detective #27, Red Raven #1, Planet #1, Adventure 48, More Fun 73, Detective #31, multiple copies of Captain America #1, Batman #1, Wonder Woman #1, and Human Torch #2 (#1).    Grades varied from fair to near mint, some pedigrees, and even several restored copies selling.

Silver Age Sales:  Last year I thought the Marvel market had peaked... boy, was I wrong!  If someone asked me what to buy as a low risk, long term investment I would tell them to buy Amazing Spiderman #1,  Amazing Fantasy #15,  and Fantastic Four #1 -- in multiples.  These 3 books are in such high demand it is shocking.  Will this continue forever?  I am not sure, but so many collectors love these characters that it is hard to imagine they wouldn’t be favorites for years to come.  I sold 14 copies of FF #1, 16 copies of Amazing Spiderman #1 and 20 copies of AF #15.

DC Silver Age came on strong this year; the trouble is in getting enough high-grade material to satisfy the masses.  Adventure #247, Detective #225, Our Army at War #81, Showcase #4, Batman #171 and 181, all were strong sellers.

After landing a tremendous collection of Dell File Copies I can safely say that the Dell market has tremendous interest from the collecting community.  If you bring quality Dells to the market, people will line up to buy.  Of course you have to price them fairly, as they are not Marvels.

Bronze Age Sales:  Here is an area of the market that has not even come close to reaching its heights.  Books are inexpensive and relatively available, but not too available in the highest of grades.  Superhero titles from this period are probably the most highly collected but there is tremendous interest in horror, war and romance.

Quality and Value:  There is a dichotomy in the marketplace that is worth noting.  You can call it collector vs. investor but I am starting to see that may be a misnomer, as collectors usually want their comics to appreciate even though that is not their primary reason for buying.  I believe there are books being purchased, usually very high grade or very scarce-quality books, and then there are many books purchased because of their affordability and/or discounted price-value books.  I am sure there is some crossover, but it is worthwhile to note that a buyer will rarely get a true quality comic at a cheap price and most buyers don’t pay a lot for value-type comics.

Conventions:    San Diego still reigns supreme, but my most improved show this year was the NY National Convention.  Sales were triple what they had been the year before.  Beyond that, the best part of the show was the influx of new, first-time Metropolis customers I met at the show.  Keep up the great work, Mike!

By the time this market report reaches you, the New York Comic Con will have taken place.  With guests like Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane and Joe Quesada, and all of the major publishers set up, it is my hope that this show helps put NYC back on the map nationally and internationally as the destination for vintage comics.  No offense to any of the other great conventions around the country, but NYC is where it all started and it would be nice to have a convention that reflects that in size and diversity.  Good luck to John and the entire Reed Exhibitions team!

The Comic Zone Radio Show:  I have been hosting the Comic Zone for over 2 years.  It has been an education and a thrill.  The show can be found by clicking the Comics Zone icon on our front page.  Past guests include Stan Lee, Will Eisner, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Al Feldstein, Ethan Van Sciver, Dwayne McDuffie, Jerry Robinson, Carmine Infantino, Nick Cardy, Rags Morales, John Byrne, John Romita and Joe Kubert.  Best of all, the archives are available for free!

The Future:  Though life throws some curve balls at us from time to time, it's nice to know you can always sit back and read a story with great art and an ending where the good guy wins!  Ah…. If only life were more like the comics.

Vincent Zurzolo, COO.











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