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COLLECTION: War and Western new arrivals! CALLING ALL MANLY MEN! (B) RESULTS: 1-10 of 10
HEY THERE BUDDY! Looking for scarce War comics and rare Westerns? Look no further! We've been getting in hundreds of manly, testosterone-fuelled favorites and are adding more daily! Many are very rare Atlas titles, and most are books we've rarely or never had before! Featuring pulse-pounding art from comics greats such as Russ Heath, Reed Crandall, John Romita, Gene Colan, and others, and stories crafted by the finest writers in the field, all are compelling portrayals of courage, honor, and chaos! These are among the toughest titles to collect, and these are already being snapped up left and right, so don't miss out. Don't see what you're looking for? SEND US YOUR WANT LIST!
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BATTLE Atlas #10 G+: 2.5 ow pgs; cvr det The Red
Butcher of Yingkow!
14% off!

Actual Image
BATTLE Atlas #43 G-: 1.8 crm/ow pgs; only the
second copy we've ever
offered! Colan-a

Actual Image
BATTLE Atlas #51 G: 2.0 ow pgs Colan-a $16.00

Actual Image
BATTLE Atlas #54 G+: 2.5 ow pgs; rusty staples

Actual Image
BATTLE Atlas #60 G/VG: 3.0 ow pgs scarce; Combat

Actual Image
BATTLE Atlas #63 FA/GD: 1.5 ow pgs; half of page
removed, affects story
scarce! Ditko art
20% off!

Stock Image
BATTLE ACTION Atlas #2 VG+: 4.5 crm/ow pgs; tanning int
cvrs; partial staple
pull Unarmed
15% off!

Actual Image
BATTLE GROUND Atlas #16 FA+: 1.25 ow pgs scarce; Colan-a $11.00

Actual Image
BATTLE SQUADRON Stanmor Publ. #4 G+: 2.5 ow pgs; staple pull;
first copy we've ever
offered! scarce; The

Actual Image
BATTLE STORIES Fawcett #2 G: 2.0 ow pgs scarce; A Bird of
  Page:    Results: 1-10 of 10    
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