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COLLECTION: RECENT ARRIVALS IN CRIME COMICS! Good guys, bad guys, and gun molls! (G) RESULTS: 1-1 of 1
(Metropolis offices, mid-Wednesday. Frank, seated at an XBox playing GTA5. Enter Vince.)

VINCE: What are you doing.

FRANK: WHAT HI NOTHING HI HELLO just doing uh research.

VINCE: Research.

FRANK: Yes, research on... crime. Crime comics. We got new crime comics. Making a collection of them right now to, uh, to commemorate this here new and popular video game that I am totally not playing.

(Frank spins to his desk, smashes his hands against the keyboard a moment, pretending to type, smiling widely, sweat pouring from his brow. Moment. Vince cocks a suspicious eyebrow, exits. Frank hits send on the new collection of recent crime comic arrivals, including Biro greats, Atlas rarities, and many others, all featuring eye popping art and hard-boiled crime stories. Moment.)

(Frank then picks the controller up again, sics Lamar's dog on an innocent bystander, laughs maniacally. CURTAIN.)
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GANG BUSTERS (1947-59) DC #7 G-: 1.8 ow pgs; cvr mostly split
scarce; King of the Bank
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