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COLLECTION: NEW CGC BOOKS! From Gold to Silver to Bronze to Modern! RESULTS: 1-13 of 13
Over 150 cool books to choose from! If you don't see a scan email us for one!
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Title Publisher Issue Grade Comments Price  

Stock Image
AVENGERS Marvel #24 CGC NM: 9.4 crm/ow pgs Kirby/Wood
cvr; Kang app.

Actual Image
CRACK COMICS Quality #43 CGC VF/NM: 9.0 crm/ow pgs $300.00

Actual Image
FANTASTIC FOUR 1961-96 Marvel #121 CGC NM/M: 9.8 ow/white pgs Silver
Surfer app.; Galactus
cameo; picture frame
Marvel 'Highest Graded'

Actual Image
FANTASTIC FOUR 1961-96 Marvel #145 CGC NM+: 9.6 white pgs classic Gil
Kane cover
FANTASTIC-1952 Youthful #8 CGC FN+: 6.5 off white pgs Capt.
Science by Harrison;
classic flying skull-head
winged-guy with lady

Actual Image
FLASH, THE 1959-85 DC #209 CGC NM+: 9.6 ow/white pgs 52 pgs;
Captain Boomerang,
Trickster cover Oakland

Actual Image
HOUSE OF MYSTERY DC #143 CGC NM+: 9.6 crm/ow pgs, Highest 1 of
2! Martian Manhunter
begins 'Highest Graded'

Actual Image
JACKIE ROBINSON Fawcett #4 CGC NM/M: 9.8 off white pgs scarce!
photo cover (11/50)
Crowley Copy 'Highest

Actual Image
NEW BOOK OF COMICS DC #1 CGC FN: 6.0 off white pgs very minor
amount of color touch on
cover Shuster, Sullivan,
Moldoff art; 1937 DC
Annual (the second)

Stock Image
WEIRD THRILLERS Ziff-Davis #1 CGC VG-: 3.5 off white pgs classic Ron
Hatton photo cover

Stock Image
X-MEN-1963 Marvel #27 CGC NM-: 9.2 ow/white pgs Spider-Man

Stock Image
X-MEN-1963 Marvel #53 CGC NM: 9.4 off white pgs 1st Barry
Smith comic book art

Actual Image
X-MEN-1963 Marvel #55 CGC NM: 9.4 white pgs Barry
Windsor-Smith cvr; Alex
Summers finds out he's
  Page:    Results: 1-13 of 13    
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