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Summer is fast approaching, and with it, a young man's fancy turns to... GIRL-CRAZY MANIA! Any red-blooded female-loving male will go nuts for these treasures, for the advanced student of voluptua and retro-glam, hundreds of examples of classic pinup, cheesecake, Good Girl art, and glamour girl covers! Your humble author LOVES this stuff, and really digs getting a chance to show off our considerable inventory of GGA wonders -- get your Summer started right with these super-awesome classics!
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Actual Image
DAGAR DESERT HAWK Fox #23 VF-: 7.5 3 pages clipped out
classic bondage cover
30% off!

Actual Image
GREEN LANTERN (SA) 1960-86 DC #163 NM-: 9.2 white pgs Kane pinup;

Actual Image
JUMBO COMICS Fiction House #105 VG/F: 5.0 last 2 pages clipped out
Baker art; bondage cvr
45% off!

Actual Image
SABRINA Archie Publications #8 F/VF: 7.0 ow/white pgs bikini beach
18% off!

Actual Image
SATELLITE SCIENCE FICTION 1957 Art - Painting Unknown #1957 VF: 8.0 ALEX SCHOMBURG. Cover to
February 1957 issue.
Mixed media on board. 19"
x 15" in 26.5" x 30.5"
frame. Could be construed
by some as a Xela
headlight cover.

Actual Image
SPICY ADVENTURE STORIES Pulp v12 #1 G/VG: 3.0 ow/w pgs; po, fc painted
headlights cvr

Actual Image
STARTLING STORIES Unknown v13 #1 G-: 1.8 crm/ow pgs cheesecake cvr $18.00

Actual Image
STARTLING STORIES Unknown v21 #2 G/VG: 3.0 crm/ow pgs; tape
headlights cvr

Actual Image
SUPERMAN DC #54 VG/F: 5.0 crm/ow pgs; 10
non-Superman pgs removed
Superman, bikini
45% off!

Actual Image
UNITED COMICS-1940 UFS #15 VF: 8.0 stamp,fc bikini beach ice
cream cover
27% off!

Actual Image
UNITED COMICS-1940 UFS #15 VF-: 7.5 stamp,fc bikini beach ice
cream cover
28% off!

Actual Image
UNITED COMICS-1940 UFS #15 F/VF: 7.0 stamp,fc bikini beach ice
cream cover
29% off!

Actual Image
WESTERN CRIME BUSTERS Trojan #6 VG: 4.0 ow pgs; rusty staples
scarce; Wood-a; good
girl art

Actual Image
WESTERN TRUE CRIME Fox #16 FN-: 5.5 2nd issue headlights
panels, violence

Actual Image
WINGS COMICS Fiction House #26 G-: 1.8 ow pgs; cfo classic Good
Girl Art cvr Golden
Locker Collection
25% off!
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