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Welcome to the Metropolis Cover of the Week Archive!


Enjoy our gallery of weird, wacky, wild, and wonderful covers from the whole of comics history, as selected by our garrulous muscled henchpersons.  Check our frontpage every Wednesday at Noon ET for another Cover of the Week, and check back here for an ongoing archive!


July 6 2011:  TALES TO ASTONISH 28, as selected by Shipping Manager Ian Tennant;  "The penultimate panel on this cover is perhaps my favorite in comic-dom.  A woozy scientist gorilla is pretty much the funniest thing ever." -- Ian

July 13 2011:  RED DRAGON V.1 #7, as selected by Metropolis/ComicConnect COO Vincent Zurzolo;  "I love the colors and find the graphic nature of the cover to be startling.  In 1995 I bought a low grade copy of this book and swore one day I’d own the best copy in the world.  Luckily, several years ago, I picked up the Mile High!" -- Vincent


July 20 2011:  CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS 46, as selected by Sales Director Frank Cwiklik;  "The first time I saw this cover, my jaw fell open.  Most of the work done on Golden Age comics was done by first or second generation Jewish immigrants who were painfully aware of what was going on in Europe during the second World War, and this may be one of the first pop culture images confronting the world at large about the atrocities being wrought across Europe.  Stunning, visceral, unforgettable, you can feel the rage and power rolling off the page.  Classic Kirby." -- Frank 


July 27 2011:  SCHOOL-DAY ROMANCES 1, as selected by Mary Raap, Accounts Receivable;  "A precursor to Facebook! The odd color combinations of this cover are so great, it's really vibrant. With the competing text and decorative elements you can almost hear that chatter." -- Mary

August 3 2011:  ACTION COMICS 1, as selected by Ben Smith, Vice-President;  "I never get tired of looking at this image. This is THE COMIC that started it all." -- Ben


August 10 2011:  HOW STALIN HOPES WE WILL DESTROY AMERICA, as selected by Sales Executive Philip Blackmer;  "Best mustache in comic book history." -- Philip



August 17 2011:  CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES 17, as selected by ComicConnect.com Consignment Director Rob Reynolds;  "This painted cover stopped me in my tracks the first time I saw it. Out of the 150 issue run, only issues 17 and 18 had painted covers. Captain Marvel looks like he’s having a great time in his dog-fight against the Japanese Zeros." -- Rob

August 24 2011:  SHIELD-WIZARD COMICS 10, as selected by Sales Director Frank Cwiklik;  "Dude.  What.  Just.  Dude." -- Frank


August 31 2011:  SUPERMAN 101, as selected by Executive Assistant Emily Lee;  "I love that quote bubble, and the RAINBOW OF DOOM!" -- Emily



September 7, 2011:  BATMAN 5, as selected by Inventory Clerk Eitan Gavish;  "I'm not sure what I like most about this cover -- the fact that Batman is playing with what I assume are gangster action figures, or the fact that he's not letting Robin in on the fun." -- Eitan

September 14, 2011:  SAVAGE SHE-HULK 10, as selected by Mary Raap, Accounts Receivable;  "The She-Hulk is an interesting character to begin with, and this cover is so striking, with its use of bold, complementary colors and dynamic poses against an almost abstract foe in the background. Such a great image!" -- Mary


September 21, 2011:  FRONTLINE COMBAT 11, as selected by Ben Smith, Vice-President;  "There is something about the dizzying array of Jack Davis’ intricate line-work that captivates me about this cover. Although the 4 color printing process obscures much of the finer details, I often stop to admire the black and white original artwork hanging in Metropolis’ gallery from Stephen Fishler’s collection." -- Ben



September 28, 2011:  TALES TO ASTONISH 12, as selected by Ian Tennant, Shipping Manager;  "I love Gorgilla. How is he able to hid himself in objects smaller than he is? How is it that no one sees him? Truly, he is 'too savage to live among humans, and too human to love among savages'." -- Ian

October 5, 2011:  HOUSE OF SECRETS 92, as selected by Sales Executive Philip Blackmer;  "The first appearance of my favorite comic book character, Swamp Thing. A great key book especially because DC is bringing the character back in the new relaunch." -- Philip


October 12, 2011: SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN 56, as selected by inventory manager Eitan Gavish;  "Big sword wielding brute? Check. Menacing elephant man warlord? Check. Giant spider threatening a scantily dressed damsel in distress? Check and mate." -- Eitan



October 19, 2011: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 10, as selected by Executive Assistant Emily Lee; "BEWARE THE FAMOUS FINGERS!" -- Emily

October 26, 2011: WONDER WOMAN 18, as selected by Mary Raap, Accounts Receivable; "What an odd cover! Very simple and graphic, it's great- a midnight 'dance' with an enemy..." -- Mary

November 2, 2011: G.I. JOE (A REAL AMERICAN hERO) 27, as selected by Ben Smith, Vice-President; "What’s better than Michael Golden drawing Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in the heyday of G.I. Joe? The gesture and layout of this dynamic cover is perfect! -- Ben


November 9, 2011: AMAZING ADVENTURES (1970) 11, as selected by Vincent Zurzolo, COO "The Beast is one of my favorite characters, and this is the classic issue when he turns into his best-known persona. Gil Kane art and Bill Everett inks, two of the all time greats working together on one of the coolest characters in comics." -- Vincent

November 16, 2011: VENUS 19, as selected by Vincent Zurzolo, COO "Another Bill Everett cover, who is a true master of the macabre. This book was in one of the first Golden Age collections I ever bought and has left an indelible mark on my memory." -- Vincent

November 23, 2011: WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES 35, as selected by Sales Director Frank Cwiklik "Would that we could do this in real life during holiday dinners. Alas, it is, for some reason, illegal." -- Frank



November 30, 2011: CAPTAIN AMERICA 106, as selected by ComicConnect Consignment Director Robert Reynolds "Jack Kirby made me duck out of the way of Cap’s haymaker the first time I saw this comic. I bought that copy, and own 5 others, more than any other comic in my collection." -- Rob

December 7, 2011: AVENGERS 4, as selected by Executive Assistant Emily Lee "Hooray for Captain America's comeback!" -- Emily

December 14, 2011: E-MAN 10, as selected by Mary Raap, Accounts Receivable "I love this really painterly cover by Joe Staton, it's very fluid and intense.....and what on earth is happening here?!" -- Mary


December 28, 2011: ADVENTURE COMICS 364, as selected by Inventory Manager Eitan Gavish "The idea of giving superpowers to a dog, cat, horse and monkey seems crazy to me. What's even crazier is forcing them to play dress-up like their master. Now, mix all that together with a dash of mad rabies and you have comic cover gold." -- Eitan

January 4, 2012: CAPTAIN MARVEL JR 25, as selected by ComicConnect Consignment Director Rob Reynolds "Classic Raboy. What is up with Raboy anyway?" -- Rob

January 18, 2012: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 12, as selected by Executive Assistant Emily Lee "Unmasked!" -- Emily


January 25, 2012: BATMAN 1, as selected by Mary Raap, Accounts Receivable  "My favorite! I am strongly drawn to the early, very graphic covers of Batman books. This one is beautiful -- such great design." -- Mary

February 8, 2012: LOVELORN 9, as selected by Sales Director Frank Cwiklik  "Oh.  Well.  Okay, then." -- Frank



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