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Welcome to Metropolis' gallery of original comic book artwork. Each of the hundreds of comic book covers and interiors you see below and on the following pages are the one-of-a-kind hand-drawn originals created by the legendary forefathers of the comic book medium. Each one of these gems is housed within Metropolis Collectibles' private showroom in Manhattan -- a veritable museum of 20th Century comic book artifacts. Included are rare pieces from the 1930s - 1970s by legends such as Kirby, Ditko, Infantino, Steranko, Wrightson and many more. Because so many of our customers have never had the opportunity to visit Metropolis' NYC showroom, we've created this virtual gallery to share these treasures with you. Please note the artwork is displayed for your viewing pleasure, and Metropolis does not wish to be contacted by prospective buyers. Nothing below is for sale, and everything shown is only for the purpose of sharing our passion for Gold and Silver Age comics with the worldwide comic collecting community. Thank you for visiting MetropolisComics.com and enjoy!

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