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Dear Customers,

Big News! I touched upon the merger that will be finalized by July 1st between my company and Steve Fishler's company Metropolis. I just want all of my customers to know that they will continue to receive the same level of quality service from us after the merger is finalized. In fact, in many ways the quality will improve, as you will see when you read the press release below. You are getting a preview of the article that will be featured in the CBG and many other comic-oriented publications and web sites. You are all invited to try us out and I hope you take me up on the offer. Oh, by the way, you can still get in touch with me at the Vincent's Collectibles phone number 718-318-2423 or 1-800-974-2999 and you can get to the new web site by clicking on vincentscollectible.com after the merger.

As far as the market is concerned, I just had a very successful Big Apple Comic Con. Though the attendance was not its usual, the quality of buyers were well above average. I had a very strong show and once again I must say the market is thriving. I saw a tremendous interest in everything from high-grade gold and silver to low-grade bronze-age material. I spoke to many prominent national dealers at the show and they concurred.

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Metropolis Collectibles & Vincent's Collectibles Merger Press Release

In a move that has all the savvy and calculated brilliance of a Wall Street joint venture, two of the biggest vintage comic dealers in the world have merged their companies.

After a year of discussions, negotiations and planning, Stephen Fishler, owner of Metropolis Collectibles, and Vincent Zurzolo, jr., owner of Vincent's Collectibles, have joined forces. Learning from the trends of the communications and computer giants, they will have combined their formidable inventories and operations into a gold and silver age buying and selling machine. The new company will operate under the Metropolis Collectibles banner.

Steve and Vincent share an aggressive approach to buying books and collections. One of the catalysts of the partnership was the purchase of the Spokane Collection in 1998. While Steve and Vincent had been working together for several years prior to this deal, it was during the purchase and marketing of these books that they saw possibilities for a closer relationship. One common driving force for the duo is that they both want to be the best they can be in their chosen profession. "We spoke very vaguely about working on a project outside of comic books together, but nothing came of it. In August of that year Steve invited me to lunch and that is where the talks really began" Vincent remembers fondly.

The reasons for the partnership are twofold. First, both have worked extremely hard at creating successful businesses and would like to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. "I always wished I had another 'me' to run the business when I was occupied with family matters and now I will" said Fishler. Secondly, they both realized they could create a more complete business together. "Steve has the largest inventory of gold and silver in the world, and I have found myself time and again with too much demand and not enough supply", Zurzolo added.

When you are buying, selling and trading comics on a day to day basis it is challenging to take personal care of customers. Vincent states "customer service has always been a top priority for me. Treating people the way I want to be treated and keeping it fun is my goal. Together Steve and I are creating a state of the art customer service department that will make customers feel right at home. We invite you to try us out."

The Internet will be an integral part of the future of comic collecting. The New Metropolis will be using the nucleus of the Vincent's Collectibles Site. However, it will be retooled to handle the increase in books from the merger and customers will have a greater variety of search engine possibilities. Imagine how fast and easy it will be for customers to search by a combination of title, issue number, grade, price, genre and/or publisher. For example if a customer wanted an Amazing Spiderman in VF/NM (9.0) condition they will be able to do this on the site. When they mentioned an increased focus on customer service this is just the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, they will have a computerized want list service, market reports and secure online ordering. "Creating a user friendly and hassle free site is something we believe will keep customers coming back again and again" states Fishler.

Steve and Vincent have reputations for being knowledgeable and ethical service-oriented dealers. They both have had a long and healthy relationship with the comic community. Steve still remembers the first show he ever attended (it was a 1975 Creation Con.) For him, it has always been the thrill of the hunt and the possibility of uncovering the next big collection. "There is nothing like uncovering a truly unique collection and then bringing it to the comic community" Fishler croons. For Vincent, it has always been about making a difference. "It is very satisfying for me to receive a call from a customer who has been looking for a book for years and I am able to supply it to him" said Zurzolo.

Both have faced many challenges on their journey to the tops of their profession. Steve explains "My older brother and I began collecting comics together, it was a tremendous passion we shared. While I was still very young he passed away and I almost gave up collecting because of the pain the memories brought. Instead, I continued on, changing the meaning of the memories from a negative into a positive. Often when I look at a book it reminds me of a great time we had together". Zurzolo had been wiped out in 1996 after being robbed. After a month of depression he decided that if he gave up, then and only then would he have truly lost something. Instead he decided to work harder and smarter than he previously thought possible and within three months he had gotten back to break even. And as Vincent says, "…the rest folks, is history"!

Already, their inventory consists of over ninety thousand gold and silver age books, with at least one example of every key book, from Action #1 and Detective #27 to Captain America #1 and Marvel Comics #1. Perhaps even more impressive is the overall selection of low, mid and high-grade 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's material in stock. Through a policy of constant and never ending improvement they will not only maintain their inventory but also increase it's scope and depth.

Steve said of the merger: "We believe that our business paradigms should be the Fortune 500 companies. We should model ourselves after those who have succeeded on a grand scale. This is the key to continued growth for an industry which, to both of us, has given us great joy for many years. We have many plans for expansion and believe that our hobby must be promoted beyond the comic book community in order for it to have a healthy longevity."

Fishler and Zurzolo will be taking to the road over the next six months, setting up at the major conventions in order to spread the word, meet new customers and, of course, to buy and sell vintage comics.


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