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Dear Collectors, Welcome to yet another market report. There is a lot going on since the last market report. I just turned 28 and for my birthday, I received a trip to the Islands of Adventure down in Orlando. My wonderful girlfriend, Linda, took me down to sunny F-L-A to visit Spidey, the Hulk and the rest of the Marvel characters. What a blast! The Spidey ride makes you feel like you are in the middle of comic book! The closest you’ll ever get to meeting Spiderman! Needless to say, I loved it! You will find over 1,000 new books in this month's inventory update. You will also find we reactivated the search by new inventory to our Inventory Search page. Check it out -- just select 'new inventory'. We have also revamped how we inventory many Dells, Gold Keys and misc. silver age publishers. You should definitely search the Dell section for some really great books! Once again I feel the market is very strong. I think the increase in activity over the Internet has brought new collectors not only to Ebay but also to conventions and mail order.

We will be attending the next Big Apple Con in NYC. You may be surprised to see a bit of a different set up. We will be blowing out a lot of silver and modern age books at the show. I hope you stop by.

Instead of going over individual prices this month, I would like to focus on the Overstreet Advisors meeting held in Timonium, Maryland over May 21st weekend. The following is part of a letter I sent out to Advisors who were and were not there. I think there are many subjects you will be interested in knowing about.

Dear Advisors,

It was great to see everybody this past weekend at the Overstreet Advisors meeting, and for those of you who were unable to make it I look forward to seeing you at the next one. The meeting was truly a success. We were all able to voice our feelings about the hobby in a constructive way that will help to make next year's price guide even better. We can all agree the Overstreet Advisors are a very passionate and sincere group who put our hearts into our jobs.

Many topics were discussed during the meeting. Among them were possible future price structuring, the effect of the Internet on the hobby, the new third party grading service CGC and the merging of Vincent’s Collectibles and Metropolis Collectibles.

The overwhelming majority of dealers who expressed themselves asked Bob to raise or leave alone the price of 50's and 60's low grade D.C.'s. Most dealers thanked Bob for his decreasing Silver Age Marvels and said they believed this helped to re-ignite interest in this staple collectible. Bob was asked to no longer make brush stroke-like price reform over entire genres. Instead they wanted more meticulous care to be taken for individual books. Prices on secondary Golden Age key books in runs like All American, More Fun and Adventure as well as Big All-American Book and the 1939 World's Fair were asked to be brought down to a more realistic level. Large price increases and decreases were scoffed at and said to create an unstable market. An example given was the jump of the price of Mystery Men #1 going from $2,500.00 to $7,500.00 in one year. This increase killed the interest in the book. Restored books were noted to be in low demand unless priced to sell. Advisors wanted more warnings and disclaimers about values of restored books and modern books to be added to the Guide to protect neophyte collectors. Oddly enough much of what they asked for is already in the Guide.

Every other sentence spoken at the meeting seemed to have something to do with either Ebay or the Internet in general. Advisors were very excited about the opening of new markets and the increase in the collector base due to the emergence of the Internet. Talk of near wholesale prices for common material and extraordinarily high prices for esoteric material was bandied about. The lack of a standard grading criteria on Ebay was also spoken about. Many felt that product grade was misrepresented to a large extent. The effect of these prices realized upon the Overstreet Price Guide was mentioned. Advisors strongly stated wildly high or low prices should not be the end all for pricing decisions but should be noted. We concluded that right now the Internet is in a fairly young and chaotic state and should be given time to settle into a rhythm. A sentiment shared by all is that the Internet can and will be the future lifeblood for growth in our hobby. The new third party grading service known as CGC, Comics Guaranty Corporation gave a presentation about their company, product and view of the future of the hobby. They were very receptive to suggestions from the Advisors. They spoke about the positive effect graded collectibles have had on the coin and card market and how they felt the same could be applied to comic books. The hope is certified comics will bring many new collectors/investors into the market. Many of whom might otherwise not feel educated enough to grade a comic book, but still want to collect. The main difference pointed out between comic books and the other graded collectibles is that collectors and investors like to read and inspect comic book interiors. The new holders used to "slab" comic books would be able to be opened by breaking a seal. Although once the seal is broken it nullifies the grade the comic book can be resubmitted at a future date. The company will begin certifying comic books by the Summer time and wi

Another noteworthy story coming out of the meeting in Timonium dealt with the merging of Metropolis Collectibles and my company Vincent's Collectibles. Steve Fishler and I have been working on this for almost a year now. We both feel it will be a positive move for both of our future endeavors. By combining our business philosophies we hope to create a new and even stronger company. We are looking to strengthen already existing relationships and create new long term relationships with you. After the merger takes place we will be doubling our efforts to acquire new collections and keys. If you come across a collection you would either like to sell, or work out in another way please call us at 1-800-974-2999 or 1-800-229-6387. We would appreciate being considered as a potential buyer on prime material.

Let me know what you think!


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