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In this months' State of the Union Market Report I have very little to report. I think the following sentence will suffice. The stuff that has been selling lately is still selling and the stuff that wasn't is not. Seriously folks, I have not noticed any new trends that would lead me to believe things are changing much.

There is one area of the market I would like to address. Sales on restored comic books have increased over the last few months. I believe this is due to the recent price guide increases. Collectors are facing the idea of having to pay a premium price for high grade comics and realizing for a much lower price they can get a pretty nice looking restored comic book.

I have been in the comic book business for over 12 years now and I can now say this trend reminds me of what I noticed in the early 1990's when golden age and silver age prices were skyrocketing. There is nothing wrong with buying restored comics as long as you do it in an educated manner.

There are several things a collector should be aware of when buying a restored comic book. First, you need to find a reputable person, dealer/collector (there is almost no difference between them, today everybody is a dealer who collects or a collector who deals) to buy your restored comic book from. Second, gather information about the comic book on your own. You do not need to be an expert to do this. Simply take a thorough look at the book and see if you can spot the restoration and take a look at the general appearance of the book. How does the book look to you? Does it have good eye appeal? Is the restoration difficult or easy to spot? Make some notes as to what you think has been done to the book. Remember, you are the one buying the book so make sure you are happy with how it looks first. Third, ask the seller exactly what has been done to the comic book. Ask the seller to "walk you through the book". Make sure everything makes sense to you. If a book has had structural restoration you may want to know whether or not the restoration will degrade the comic over time. Most professional restoration is done with conservation in mind, but it never hurts to ask. Lastly, you want to make sure you are paying a fair price. Though obvious, I think I should still mention that you should not pay the same price for a restored book as you would if it were unrestored. Prices will vary from book to book depending on the quality and amount of restoration done to a book. If you have a question or think the price is out of line simply ask the seller why he/she has priced the book at that price.

On the topic of restoration I would like to mention a new service being offered by CGC. They are now removing restoration from slightly restored books. I believe this will be of value and add a sense of relief for many collectors who have accidentally or fraudulently purchased restored comics. I would not recommend this for every comic and they will not restore every comic. If, after viewing a book they do not think it is possible to restore it they return the book to you. I find this service interesting and I want to see how many people use it in the near future- as if those poor guys at CGC aren't busy enough.

On to the BIG NEWS! Metropolis will be making our annual appearance at San Diego at the Comic Con International. The Convention is taking place from July 19th-22nd. Metropolis will be presenting a wide array of gold, silver and bronze-age comics. If you would like us to bring any comics that you are interested in buying please call me at 800-229-6387 and we will accommodate your needs. We will be arriving on the 16th to do buying and relax our way into the show. Whether you are buying, selling or just want to say 'Hi", come visit us at Booth #3636.

On to the BIG, BIG NEWS! Metropolis will also be heading to Wizard World in Chicago. The show runs from August 17th-19th and we will be located at booth #2401. We will be a buying machine at this show so bring us tons of goodies and we will give you green.

On to the BIG, BIG, BIG NEWS! July 1st is the 2 year anniversary of the Vincent's Collectibles and Metropolis merger. Wow !


We hope to see you at one of these fine shows!


I am very happy to say that this month's subject on "Getting the Word out" has to do with one of my favorite subjects…Comics! This year the American Association of Comic Collectors will be holding it's ninth Annual dinner on Saturday night of the San Diego Comic Convention. I have attended several of these dinners and they are wonderful. The talent assembled in one place at one time is amazing. It is literally a cornucopia of the who's who of comic book legends. The dinner is only $50.00 for a ticket and the money goes to a great cause. You should come, it is both touching and fun! I have added the AACC press release below.

"Celebrating Sixty Years of Captain America" is the announced theme of

the American Association of Comicbook Collectors' 9th annual dinner.

The guest artists attending are John Romita. Sr., Gene Colan and George

Tuska. The event will take place during this year's San Diego ComiCon,

on the evening of July 21st, 2001.

"We are honored to have such great artists as our guests" David

Armstrong, Vice President of the organization and dinner Chairman,

said. "In addition to his contributions to the character in the 60s and

70s, John Romita, Sr. was the last artist to draw Captain America in the

50s. Gene Colan had a memorable run of Cap stories in the early 70s and

George Tuska took over from Jack Kirby on the original Tales of Suspense


Each of these artists are also known for other work at Marvel during

their long and varied careers. Romita had a spectacular run on

Spiderman, through the 60s and 70s, after Steve Ditko left the book.

Colan is remembered for his fine work on Daredevil and Tuska for his

great Iron Man run. These three artists, alone, represent over 150

years of work in the comic book business.

In addition to the guests of honor, those in attendance will include

John Buscema, Carmine Infantino, Irwin Donenfeld, Kieron Dwyer, Ramona

Fradon, Sam Glanzman,Ron Lim, Don Rosa, Dan Spiegle, Marie Severin and

several surprise guests.

"Last year's EC reunion dinner was a spectacular success and sold out in

advance of the event. We expect great response to this year's dinner

tribute to one of the most popular icons in the comic book world."

commented Bruce Edwards, President of the AACC.

Michael Naiman, Treasurer of the AACC added, "Because of the fabulous

response from last years exclusive art display, the AACC will be having

another private exhibition of never before seen Captain America original

art and memorabilia!"

The dinner will take place on Saturday night, July 21st at the

Manchester Room of the Hyatt Regency San Diego. A no-host cocktail hour begins at 7:00pm with dinner to follow. The dinner cost is $50.00 and must include current membership in the AACC. The membership is $25.00. Please contact the Treasurer, Michael Naiman, for tickets and dues. phone: 619 698 6666.


In closing, I would like to congratulate my partner Stephen and his lovely wife Tara- they are expecting a new addition in January .

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