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The Metropolis Survey

Dear Customers,

Metropolis will be making an appearance at the upcoming Madison Square Garden New York International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creators Convention. The show will take place June 28-30th, 2002. Hours are as follows: Friday 3:00pm-9:00pm/Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm/Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm. Ticket Prices are $15.00 per day. Having the show right here in our very own backyard is great, if you need a book I did not bring to the show you won't be out of luck, I will simply make a call and have it brought to the show. It would of course be better if you could call me at 800-229-6387 before the show so I can have the books waiting for you when you arrive. Rich Brindisi has built up a really great show and I was very impressed with the celebrity guest list for the show. Guests include- Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Bill Dee Williams (Star Wars) and Batman favorites Adam West, Yvonne Craig and Frank Gorshin who will be on hand to sign autographs and tell stories about everyone's favorite Superhero TV show. If you are considering buying tough to find comics or if you are selling your collection I think you should all consider coming to the show- it will be well worth it.

Of course Metropolis will be setting up at the annual Wizard World Chicago Comic Con July 5th-7th. The times are as follows: Friday 12:00 noon-8:00pm/Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm/Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm. This is the 2nd biggest show of the year and Gareb and the gang have been doing a great job to pump the show up. There will be tons of comics, guests and freebies so make sure not to miss this one. Please call me at 800-229-6387 if there are books you would like me to bring to the show or if you would like to set up a time to meet and sell your comic collection. I will be arriving in Chicago on the 3rd of July to set up and for purchasing. For more information on the show go to www.wizardworld.com .

As usual we have been buying a bounty of quality material much of which you will be able to find on our site this month. New acquirements include a run of over 50 high grade Spider-Mans between 40 and 149 including annuals; Fantastic Four, Avengers, Thor, Captain America and other Silver and Bronze Age Marvels in a variety of grades; lots of Marvel Giant Size comics; Four Color Disneys and Westerns; 100's of Gold Key File Copies including The Jetsons, Flintstones, Choo-Choo Charlie, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Man from Uncle, My Favorite Martian, Magnus, Doctor Solar, Three Stooges and Gomer Pyle; a small group of Ace and King Comics; a smattering of Little Lu Lu; mid and low grade Batman, Detective, Action and Superman; about 50 new westerns including titles like Red Ryder, Gene Autry and Black Diamond Western; a small group of crime titles including some tough to find Crime Does not Pay; and a sharp run of Dell Tarzans. Something for everybody and if you don't find it on our site remember we only list about 25% of our inventory at any time so if you call us at 800-229-6387 chances are you will find what you are looking for!

Every year I look back on the previous year and work on a strategy to increase sales. While it is true there will be good years and bad years in every business I am happy to say I haven't seen a bad year in quite some time. The increased interest in comics in the last 12 months has left me with a smile on my face. However, I am concerned with what people are buying or rather what they are not buying. Many titles and genres have been left in the dust. I don't think I need to mention what they are just think about what you do and don't collect. Last week I spoke with a fellow dealer who is cutting his show inventory by 20 boxes because it is simply not worth bringing 2,000 golden age comics to a show to sell 10 of them. I often think back to the days when I was doing 35 shows a year and how I would go to a show, even a good show, with 3,000 comics and come home with 2,947. It was often disheartening, once again even if I had sold my most expensive 53 comics, to go home with as much as I went to the show with. I do believe comic collecting/investing will always be around but I am afraid part of the market will not survive if we continue down this course of only buying a select number of titles. What I suggest is for you to try collecting something new. Broaden your horizons! If you collect Marvels try some Gold Keys. If you collect Disneys try some Westerns. If you collect Bronze Age try some Silver Age comics. Recently I have started to read comics I would never have picked up years ago and have been pleasantly surprised. Come to think of it I even did this when I was younger and only collected new books. I would buy my regular monthly titles that I followed religiously and then I would take whatever money I had left over and try something new and different. Now the responsibility is not only yours it is up dealers like myself to have the variety of comics you are searching for. Please know that we are constantly buying in order to have as well rounded an inventory as is possible.

In an effort to revitalize downtown Manhattan after 9-11 a new museum called MOCCA the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art has been founded. Lawrence Klein, a New York attorney and comic book enthusiast came up with an idea for the museum and has enlisted the services of creators like Stan Lee, Klaus Janson and Frank Miller to name a few. Sunday, June 23rd will be the next exhibit date. The event will take place at the Puck Building and Frank Miller will actually be there. It will be a one day show with over 50 comic book artists displaying and selling their original art. That's right it is not just an exhibit but also an original art convention. I am happy to say Metropolis will take part in the exhibit by displaying several of our key Golden and Silver Age comic covers. When I first heard about this idea I thought if there is any place a museum like this could be viable NYC is it. To learn more or make a contribution, check out www.moccany.org today!

Sales have been exceptional over the last month. Here is a list of some highlights: Action #252 VF+ $1700.00; Action #298 VF/NM $100.00; All Winners #3 VG/FN $945.00; All Top #8 VF/NM $3650.00; Amazing Spider-Man #3 VF/NM CGC graded $4,500.00; Amazing Spider-Man #29 VF+ $175.00; Amazing Spider-Man #84 NM- $110.00; Amazing Spider-Man #100 NM/MT CGC graded $3,000.00; Amazing Spider-Man #136 NM+ CGC graded $400.00; Crime Does Not Pay #33 VF/NM $1,375.00; Daredevil #1 VG/FN $425.00; Flash Comics #97 VF+ $2,600.00; Incredible Hulk #5 VF- $925.00; More Fun #70 CGC graded NM- $5001.00; Four Color #488 VF $175.00; Fantastic Four #19 VF+ $325.00; Frankenstein #4 NM+ CGC graded (MCG) $170.00; Superman #8 VF+ CGC graded $2,300.00 and X-Men #92 NM- CGC graded $75.00.

Please contact us if you have anything for sale, would like to meet with us at either convention or at the museum exhibit. We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you soon.

Vincent Zurzolo Metropolis Collectibles, Inc.
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