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The Metropolis Survey
I decided to get a head start on the Comic Con and come out to San Diego a weekend early. I love San Diego, the weather, the people, the beaches, the food…did I mention the weather? Arrived on Friday and purchased a small Golden Age collection from a little old lady from Encino. The highlight from the collection included a double cover Superman 16. The interior cover is at least a VF/NM and the outer cover is about a Fine. The page quality on all of the books is off white to white with some books actually having white pages. Other books in the collection include a VG+ Wonder Woman #2, Batman 10-12 in low grade and Captain Marvel Adventures 13, 15, 38, 40, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 in VG to VF+. I spent Saturday at Mission Beach, surfing and chilling out. I am going to look at another collection of Golden Age today. I am expecting this San Diego to be an incredible show. I have brought the crème de la crème of the Metropolis inventory. We will be turning heads with our wall displays filled with Golden and Silver Age keys. The Tremonts will be available for the West Coast and International crowd. Beyond that I hope to buy some great books to bring back for my want list customers.


Good morning. Just woke up in sunny San Diego and wanted to let you all know how the Con is going. The traffic on Wednesday night, Preview night, leads me to believe that this is going to be one busy show. It was packed. Sales were ok, but we usually don’t do unbelievably well on Wednesdays so I am not worried by any stretch of the imagination. Several fellow dealers have had a spectacular night, some not so great. I purchased a group of 9.4 and 9.6 CGC graded DCs. Approximately 35 mid 60s Green Lantern, Hawkman and Flash- great paper quality and very sharp looking. Several Timely collections have surfaced at the show and I was able to buy about a dozen key issues in low grade. Prices were very high but I know we can sell them fast at a small profit.


Today was an incredible day. We sold a Phantom Lady 17, 3 Amazing Fantasy #15s, Detective 31. Spider-Man #1, Tales of Suspense #39 and a bunch more. It is possibly the best Thursday we ever had. We were all exhausted at the end of the day.

Saturday morning

22nd of July- Show has been fantastic. We brought 23 Amazing Fantasy #15s and are down to 17. I sold 3 CGC graded 9.6 Adventures 306, 309 and 314. There are a lot of very excited comic dealers and collectors rabid for investment as well as reader copy comics. The Tremonts, in all grades, have been selling at a brisk pace. Very interesting news, a Spirit movie is being made and Frank Miller is directing! This should be pretty amazing especially since Frank is storyboarding the entire movie by cutting up panels he likes from old Eisner comics and using them along with his own original drawings to create the storyboards. In other words Storyboards by Will Eisner with Frank Miller assisting. I can hardly wait… and it hasn’t even been cast yet! Oh and one last thing- SNAKES ON A PLANE! See you tomorrow-must run to show and buy/sell/trade comics and original art!


You wouldn’t believe the costumes and how little a woman can wear and still have it actually constitute a costume…. But I digress. Sales were a bit slower on Saturday. Slow is a relative term, you have to keep it in the context of how great Thursday and Friday. Sales on Saturday include a Sensation #1 FN CGC $7,750.00, Iron Man #1 NM- $700.00, Police Comics #1 VG/Fn $425.00 and Amazing Spider-Man #4 VG- $350.00. The day was long and the nights are longer…. But remember the Golden Rule- What happens at Comic Con stays at Comic Con-lol.


Last day of the con. Usually starts off slow and today was no different. It was starting to look like it was going to end on a low note and then we had a flurry of activity. Within a matter of minutes we sold 2 copies of Hulk 181 both CGC graded, one in 9.4 and 1 in 9.6, Planet #7 VF/NM and a Spider-Man #1 in VG condition. Overall we were very pleased with the convention. On top of the great sales we made I was also able to buy a group of very difficult to find late 50s and early 60s DCs in high grade. All of the books were from an original owner collection a San Diego dealer had purchased years ago. Titles included Adventure, World’s Finest and Flash. Books will be for sale after Chicago.


We decided to go to a Steakhouse last night. Well, Frank and Ben decided to go to a steakhouse and I reluctantly joined them (I was at one time a very strict vegetarian- now I eat seafood). As we were walking in our good friend and long time comic collector David Armstrong strolls on up with none other than Carmine Infantino. We invite them to join us and they accept. Lou & Mickey’s Steakhouse is starting to look better already. To be honest though, the food was fantastic, I had the Halibut. The guys had steaks and pasta. Everybody was happy with their meals. Carmine was a rare treat. I had interviewed him on my radio show, the Comic Zone about a year or so ago.  He was funny and opinionated and told us great stories about his career. I shared a very funny story Mike Ploog told me about meeting Carmine  which probably led to Mike never working for DC. Carmine didn’t recall it but thought it was hysterical. A great ending to a great show. We were tickled pink to meet a living legend and it is always great breaking bread with our dear friend David Armstrong.

Side note- Carmine drew a funny little picture of Batman on the paper table cloth which Frank and Ben tore out of the table as David, Carmine and I exited the restaurant. Great memories and a very fun show.

On a final note I would like to thank everybody who came by our booth to say hello, talk funnybooks and of course for your patronage. The show was very successful and I truly appreciate your business, camaraderie and kind words about our selection and service.

Until next Comic Con, be well.

Sincerely, Vincent Zurzolo COO Metropolis Collectibles, Inc.
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