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I remember when the New Teen Titans #1 debuted in 1984. It was a very cool book. Being a 13 year old kid when it hit the stands was really quite an event. My favorite team member was Beast Boy. I remember hoping he and the uber-sexy StarFire would get together. Ahhh youth, sweet youth...

My point is that there are many Copper and Modern Age comic books that may start to hit their stride in terms of increasing in value and collectability. Throughout the month of September I have noticed an increase of interest in demand for this period of books. Titles like Captain America, Avengers, Team America, Batman, Twisted Tales, X-Factor, Iron Man, Blackhawk, Daredevil, New Mutants, Superboy, Adventure, Wolverine and Defenders from the 1980s on up are picking up. These are All American comic book titles that have a core fan base (except for maybe Team America-lol) and shou ld increase in popularity. I remember writing market reports about Bronze Age comic books 10 years ago in the same way.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor. Most comics take about 25-30 years to become collectible. 1980 is 27 years ago so start buying these books now as a long term investment and who knows maybe you'll have a good investment... and even better you'll have some great comics to read and enjoy! The key with this period is buying in very high grade. Perhaps that sounds obvious, but it is overly important for this period as most books are very common. Good luck with your collecting!


Vincent Zurzolo, Jr.
Chief Operating Officer


Almost 4 years old, the Comic Zone Internet Radio Show has left the roost of World Talk Radio! You can now listen to the show at their new home http://www.comiczoneradio.com!

Now don't fret true believers the archives are still available and are still free. You can still listen to great interviews that read like a veritable list of the Who's Who of comics including legendary creators like Stan Lee ( Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Daredevil and Thor ), Frank Miller ( Sin City, the Spirit Movie, Wolverine, Daredevil, Elektra and 300 the Movie ), Todd Mcfarlane ( Amazing S pider-Man and Spawn ), Neal Adams (Green Lantern and Batman ), Jim Steranko ( Nick Fury and X-Men ), Jerry Robinson (Creator of the Joker ), John Romita, Sr. ( Amazing Spider-Man ), Will Eisner ( Creator of the Spirit ), Dan Jurgens ( Death of Superman ), Michael Turner ( Fathom & Marvel Cover Artist ), Herb Trimpe ( Incredible Hulk ), Ethan Van Sciver ( Green Lantern ), Mike Mignola ( Hell Boy ), Al Feldstein ( EC Editor and Artist), Jim Starlin ( Captain Marvel ), Jack Kamen ( Good Girl Artist ), Alex Ross ( Batman and Justice ), Arthur Adams ( X-Men & Long Shot ), Adam Hughes ( DC Good Girl Cover Artist ), Roy Thomas ( Marvel Writer and Editor ), John Byrne ( X-Men, Fantastic Four and Alpha Flight ), Jack Davis ( EC Artist ), Jimmy Palmiotti ( Painkiller Jane ), Joe Kubert ( Sgt. Rock ), David Michelinie ( creator of Venom ), Kevin Eastman ( Creator of Teen-Age Mutant Ninja Turtles ), Randy Bowen ( Super Hero Sculptor ), Jim Shooter ( writer and editor ), Marv Wol fman ( Creator of Blade ), James O'Barr ( Creator of the Crow ), Russ Heath ( G.I. Combat ), Nick Cardy ( Adventure Comics & Ghosts ), ( Larry Hama ( 1980s G.I. Joe Creator ), Michael Ploog ( Werewolf by Night ), Bill Sienkiewicz ( Elektra & New Mutants ), Marshall Rogers ( Batman and Mister Miracle ), Peter David ( Writer Incredible Hulk ), Ramona Fradon ( Aquaman and Brenda Star ), Howard Chaykin ( American Flagg ), John Romita, Jr. ( Thor and Spider-Man ), Carmen Infantino ( Flash and Batman ), Murphy Anderson ( Justice League of America and Spectre ), Dick Ayers ( Western Ghost Rider and Sgt. Fury ), (Denny O'Neil ( Batman and Green Lantern Writer ), Sal Buscema ( Avengers and Defenders ), Marie Severin ( Iron Man and Conan ) and Arthur Suydam ( Marvel Zombies ). Hollywood has also taken notice of the Comic Zone and guests like Bryan Singer ( Director X-Men I & II, Superman Returns and the Usual Suspects ), Harlan Ellison ( Writer Twilight Zone and Babylon 5 ), David Mandel ( Seinfeld Writer and Director of Curb Your Enthusiasm ), David Carradine ( Kill Bill I & II, Kung Fu ), Larry Thomas (Seinfeld's Soup Nazi ) and Thomas Jane ( Star of the Punisher Movie ) have graced the show. Graders, Historians, Dealers, Publishers, Website Developers and collectors like Steve Borock, Mark Haspel, Paul Litch and Matt Dakon ( CGC Comics ), Steve Mortensen ( Colossuscomics.com ), John Snyder, Jeff Vaughn, Arnold T. Blumberg and Tom Gordon ( Overstreet Price Guide & Scoop ), Susan Cicconi, Steve Stryke and Matt Nelson ( Comic Book Restoration Experts ), John Dolmayan ( Drummer of System of a Down and Comic Dealer ), Michael Silberkleit ( Archie Publisher ), Steve Geppi (CEO Diamond Distribution, Collector, Diamond International Galleries ), Nick Barrucci (Publisher Dynamite Entertainment ), George Pantela ( GPAnalysis.com ), Bill Cox ( ComicArtFans,com ), Will Gabri-El, Jon Mankuta and Roger Hill (Original Comic Book Art Collectors ), Gareb Shamus ( Wizard Magazine Publisher ), Larry Kane ( Author Ticket to Ride Beatles Book ), Paul Levitz ( DC President and Comic Book Writer ), Sharad Devarajan ( Virgin Comics Publisher ), Dan Walker (Collectibles Insurance Agency ), Al Stoltz, Jerry Weist, Bob Beerbohm, Joe Vereneault, Gary Dolgoff, Peter Dixon, Chuck Rozanski, Mike Carbonaro, Jim Payette ( Comic Book Dealers ), John Berk, Ian Levine, Gary Carter and Mike Naiman ( Comic Book Collectors ) have all appeared on the show.

Comic Zone host Vincent Zurzolo explains "I really appreciate the incredible job WorldTalkRadio.com has done for me over the years. I decided to take over the production of the show as my schedule running Metropolis Collectibles made it difficult for me to fit into the same time slot every week. Now I host and produce the show from the Metropolis Collectibles gallery here in New York City. I am no longer locked into doing the show at a specific time which allows greater flexibility for me and my guests. The new site is very easy to use and as we continue to develop the site it will be filled with more content. If you haven't listened to the show yet and you love comics you really should as it is informative, educational and plain old fun!"


All American 16 sold on ComicConnect.comComicConnect.com is proud to announce a very high profile sale made between two members of the site. A CGC-graded All-American #16 in VG+ condition, featuring the very first appearance of the Golden Age Green Lantern, sold for $29,250. After a round of offers and counter-offers, the deal was reached between the buyer and seller.

Because selling on ComicConnect.com is FREE until November, there is no commission deducted from the seller, and there are never buyer's premiums. The sale was made with 0% fees on both counts!

ComicC onnect.com is easy-to-use and profitable. The site is visited daily by prominent buyers of Golden, Silver and Bronze Age comic books, and sellers may list books and review offers without listing fees, time-limits or exclusivity requirements.

"On ComicConnect.com, you can sell to the same auction house crowd of buyers, and realize the same type of sale prices," stated Jason Trobman, ComicConnect's Site Admin. "The difference is that the seller doesn't lose out on 25%-32% of the money due to buyer's and seller's fees."

"If ever there was a no brainer -- this really is it," said Ben Smith, VP of ComicConnect. "More money for your comic books has always been better than less money for your comics. Our accountant spends a large part of her day now just cutting and mailing large checks to ComicConnect members."

To become a member and get started buying or selling, visit ComicConnect.com.



"A key component driving sales presently, the shrinking value of the dollar. With the U.S dollar currently trading at or near record lows against the Euro, the situation is not likely to improve drastically in the near term, as the Federal government is scheduled to pour nine billion new notes into circulation in the coming year – ranging from $100 on down. That's enough to keep the Bureau of Engraving employees in Washington, D.C. and Ft. Worth, Texas occupied for three shifts, five days a week. At the same time as the dollar has dipped, the Euro has climbed, as have prices for high end collectibles. There have been numerous record prices in a wide variety of categories. The result, unintentional or not, is some fantastic buys for Europeans. And just because the dollar has lost some of its luster, that doesn't mean the allure of American history and popular culture has done likewise."

The above excerpt was reported by Gemstone / Diamond, summarizing a trend Metropolis has experienced first-hand due to the declining value of the U.S. Dollar against the Euro and Great British Pound. We are witnessing an unprecedented momentum in the sale of vintage American comic books to overseas audiences on both MetropolisComics.com and ComicConnect.com, transforming Americana into an international phenomenon and propelling the market to new heights. It stands to reason that the international appeal of vintage comic books makes the collectible a safe-haven for American investors and their money. Even as the comparative value of the US dollar to other currencies lessens, international money flooding into the US comic market is a win-win situation for both American and international investors.

British customers should note that Metropolis' Vincent Zurzolo will be in London meeting with comic buyers and sellers Sunday, November 25th. To schedule an appointment, call him at x 14 or email
[email protected].



Metropolis is in desperate need of the following vintage comic books. We are currently looking for the following books raw or 3rd Party Graded (CGC or PGX):

Incredible Hulk #102 9.6 NM+, Captain America #100 9.6 NM+, Incredible Hulk #181 any grade, Amazing Fantasy #15 any grade, Fantastic Four #1 any grade, Incredible Hulk #1 any grade, Tales of Suspense #39 any grade, Fantastic Four #12 8.0 VF or better, Showcase #22 8.5 VF+ or better, Human Torch #8 any grade, Iron Man #55 any grade, Marvel Comics #1 any grade, Batman #181 9.4 NM or better, Iron Man #1 9.4 NM or better or Flash #110 8.0 VF or better.

Please call Vincent Zurzolo at 800-229-6387 ext. 14, 212-260-4147 ext. 14 or email him directly for an offer at
[email protected].




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